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Nurturing New Beginnings

At Bamboo Beginnings we remind mother, father/birth partner and family (to be) that we are miracles of creation.  Whether in pregnancy, through CBE classes or, labor and birth support, we want to support you in reaching your inner wisdom.


Like the bamboo plant, becoming a mother, a father and or, a family requires planting a seed and, nurturing it with three very important elements. For the Bamboo plant those three elements are: water, fertile soil and sunshine.  How do these three elements translate in your pregnancy, labor and birth?  


Our water or, energy flows through us metaphysically (via non-verbal palpable frequencies that become desire, thought, belief and, finally, action) transforming our reality.  Our fertile soil represents our physical well-being where we regenerate blood, tissue, cells and bone via our mental, spiritual and physical action.  And, finally our sunshine is (self) Love; it is always reciprocated.  

When you love yourself you plant a seed that grows all around you.  Self love is the ultimate homeostasis, it is regenerative - integral to new beginnings. Loving yourself means, you explore, challenge and forgive yourself allowing yourself to start new - every time you need to.   


Our goal? To help you develop or strengthen trust in you, your ability to birth your baby, your family and even a healthier, stronger, wiser you. Bamboo Beginnings is the philosophical premise of our childbirth education classes as well as our perinatal and birth Doula services.  

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