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About Me

There is a prevalent fear-culture around pregnancy, labor and birth premised in suffering.  Pain does not equal suffering; they are not the same thing.  With my Doula's support at the birth of my beautiful 15 year old, Naa Anyele I learned the difference.  My daughter's entrance into this world catapulted me from caterpillar to butterfly.  Ours was a natural unmedicated birth.  Why do I say “ours”?  I firmly believe when a Wombyn gives birth to her baby(ies), a stronger, wiser, more powerful Wombyn; is also birthed.  With every birth Wombyn straddle a sacred spiritual sphere of being, reaching deeper levels of our inner strength.  

Trained in Washington DC, under DONA International, Inc. as a Birth Doula with Breastfeeding knowledge for Doulas. I am a Spanish Bilingual, Afro-Caribbean Wombyn passionate about supporting mom and birth partner in a safe and unforgettable birth.  My promises to mom: I will always tell you the truth, I will never let you suffer and I will always honor your choices.  I offer a-la-cart CBE classes or, a full-spectrum pre/post-partum Doula package.  


Visit our Doula Booking page for your CBE class today.  For Birth packages please schedule your FREE half-hour consultation.  I look forward to learning about your birth goals and would be honored to hold space at your birth.    

About me

Our Mission

At Bamboo Beginnings we remind mother, father/birth partner and family (to be) that we are miracles of creation.  Whether in pregnancy, through CBE classes or, labor and birth support, we want to support you in reaching your inner wisdom. Our goal is to help you develop or strengthen trust in you, your ability to birth your baby, your family and even a healthier, stronger, wiser you. As a District-based Wombyn of Color owned and operated, English-Spanish bilingual boutique business, we Specialize in the Art of Overcoming - Stereotypes, Statistics and Stigmas.  

Our mission



Pregnancy by trimester

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Induction & Augmentation

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Physiology of Birth

Physiology of Birth

In this two hour session we will discuss "normal physiological birth", the three stages of labor and, how to tune into your body's cues (i.e. mind-body connection). We will discuss how pelvis type and fetal position work together. And practice positioning you for optimal delivery. We will establish your three Rs to help you use your mind, rhythmic breathing, and other tools to relax into your body's surges of labor. My goal is to support you in acquiring the self-knowledge/confidence to conquer your deepest fears around pain management and your body's ability to takeover and birth your new baby and, a stronger/wiser - you.

Virtual Labor Support

My virtual labor support services provide continuous emotional, educational, and empowering, evidence-based information to help maternal & fetal positioning before and during labor, tricks, tips, and tools which can easily be modified to include your physical surrounding, your birth partner, and or, care team.  I work collaboratively with your caregivers to ensure your labor, birth, and postpartum plan is respected and executed to the safest extent possible.  My goal is to support you and your birth partner in achieving a safe, memorable, and empowered birth experience.  

Labor and Birth support: Virtual Postpartum Visit

I conduct a two-week postpartum, two-hour session where I provide patient centered and driven Information and support including: obtaining feedback on birth experience, addressing issues of maternal-infant bonding or breastfeeding, postpartum mommy recovery and self-care IE: Perineum care, Cesarean recovery self-care. Sleep deprivation, baby soothing techniques and referral to related infant-maternal postpartum resources.

Tropical Leaves


"All in all I was so grateful for the services and knowledge I obtained from my doula. She was a huge key point in my 


-Hope F.

"All the classes empowered me, because they teach me something that will help me in life."

-Siham A.
Tropical Leaves

"I no longer felt that you were just doing your job, I felt you were a part of me"

-Brenda H.

"I'm glad I had a chance to experience...a knowledgeable doula"

-Monique M.
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