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My Story

There is a prevalent fear-culture around pregnancy, labor and birth premised in suffering.  Pain does not equal suffering; they are not the same thing.  With my Doula's support at the birth of my beautiful 13 year old, Naa Anyele I learned the difference.  My daughter's entrance into this world catapulted me from caterpillar to butterfly.  Ours was a natural unmedicated birth.  Why do I say “ours”?  I firmly believe when a Wombyn gives birth to her baby(ies), a stronger, wiser, more powerful Wombyn; is also birthed.  With every birth Wombyn straddle a sacred spiritual sphere of being, reaching deeper levels of our inner strength.  

Trained in Washington DC, I am a Mamatoto Village, Inc. trained Perinatal Community Health Care Worker and Dona International, Inc. Birth Doula.   I am a Spanish Bilingual, Afro-Caribbean Wombyn passionate about supporting mom and birth partner in a safe and unforgettable birth.  My promises to mom: I will always tell you the truth, I will never let you suffer and I will always honor your choices.  I offer a-la-cart CBE classes or, a full-spectrum pre/post-partum Doula package.  


Visit our Doula Booking page for your CBE class today.  For Birth packages please schedule your FREE one-hour consultation.  I look forward to learning about your birth goals and would be honored to hold space at your birth.    

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